Snowflake success and sanding solution

Got some snowflakes figured out and cut them in sizes varying from 1 1/4" - 3 1/2" in diameter. (see penny for scale)

I also made the Inventables 3-d plywood reindeer pattern after reducing it a good bit (he’s 4" at the shoulders). However in doing so I had to adjust the slots - some more successfully than others. In order to make them fit I had to do a little sanding. . . not having any handy sanding sticks around, I discovered what works well in tight spaces when you don’t have the proper tools: emery boards!

All were made from medium maple plywood proofgrade at standard settings.


Very nice! Love your snowflake designs in particular. Been playing with some in AI, but yours are better :grinning:


Thanks! Can’t really take the credit though as I got them from Freepik. . . : )
I did have to do some manipulation of them though.


Those are some very classy projects!

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Yes indeed! Great details on the flakes! :grinning:

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I did a bunch of snowflakes similar to these in frosted acrylic, they come out nice. I am getting 24 out of a 12x20 sheet at 2.75 diameter. I’ll go use the rest of the sheets for smaller sizes now :slight_smile:


What a pleasure to see Christmas projects all around. The snowflakes were quite festive.