So angry at the glowforge staff i could spit

Paid for overnight shipping , for that black Cable : Staff member forgets to send it.

I explain it ok will try it again.

I explain im willing to pay the fee all over again. OVER NIGHT IS IMPORTANT TO ME

Now he sends me this :

Does everything have to be a JOKE. I would have paid any amount of money they wanted to get this shipped faster.

I Pleaded with with this guy :

He knew how important it was. and this is what he did to me.



I even emailed all day so he would not forget !

This all started on the 2nd of july and now look where I am at.

Why did every email I get start with I Apologize ?

What could i have done differently ?

You would also think that I would get an invoice confirming my machine what they sent to me , I Got nothing , just a Tracking Number.

This was the most unprofessional transaction I have ever had. ugh

I under stand it to late : I got screwed, I get it, it happens.

I want from glowforge and Invoice of what is being sent to me , for what machine .

I dont think that is to much to ask. Does anyone think its to much to ask ?

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I wish we had a way to get you the cable faster! I’ve just replied to your email and am going to close this thread.

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