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Please help i have not been able to get a cut right since my purchase im having problems making my designs turn into the right lines i created this in photoshop saved as a PDF but i still cant get a separation for cutting and engraving i want the words in box to engrave and everything else to cut but when i open in software it will not give me options will only cut what an i doing wrong! PGFTurner|323x500

Okay…you need to understand the difference between a file that is created in Photoshop, and one that is created in Illustrator or Inkscape in order to design your own files for cutting. There are a series of short tutorials that break the thought process out that you will want to read, so I’ll link them below.

In the meantime, if you want to engrave something you make it black. If you do not want part to be engraved, you leave it white. Your design is backwards to accomplish what you want with it. It would need black text and a white box shape.

Give me a few minutes to play with it to see what I can do. If you have the original Photoshop file with the text broken out on a separate layer, that would make it a lot easier.

If you load the Photoshop file here, you might have to zip it first, and be sure to put it on it’s own line in the post, or it can not load correctly.


OMG thats the best forward explanation i have received i can change that in photo shop still going to send to you but it will not let me send ps ext.

Don’t worry about it right now…I’m well into the fix. How big do you want it to be, because this is HUGE (70 inches).

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Okay…I had to make it 10.9" x 19" to make sure you can fit it on the bed, but this should fit. You’ll need to shift it into position…just keep it inside the gray sidebars and make sure that it turns orange and pink when you Print it. It’s close.

Zip file of the SVG is here: (17.8 KB)

This is a link to the tutorials I said I’d post earlier:


I cannot THANK You enough Its for a wedding gift and my flight leaves in 2 hours i been trying yo get this for a week this board ROCKS again thank you


i am actually having a real project being cut whewhooo please send me those info links i sure need them i searched all over you tube again thank you


Here you go, it’s from a former writeup:

Learning to design for this laser actually takes 3 learning curves:

  1. You have to learn to use the machine. (Mechanical aspect. The Glowforge User Interface.) This part’s pretty easy. Glowforge has done a great job of making it quick to jump right in.
  2. You have to learn how to design files for it. This can be done in either some outside design software that you are already familiar with, (like Illustrator, Inkscape or Affinity Designer), or you can subscribe to the Premium Features in the Glowforge Interface and design right in the Glowforge Software. It is SUPER easy to use, and they keep adding new features to it. We currently have access to all of the Premium features for free testing…it might be close to becoming a paid subscription, so if you want to test them out, now would be the time to do it, to see if you want to subscribe.
  3. You have to eventually learn a little bit about materials, and how they react differently when the laser is used. Wood burns, acrylic melts…that sort of thing.
    As you get more comfortable using the laser, you will be able to adjust the settings yourself, to cut through other things beyond Proofgrade materials that have the settings predetermined for you. This comes with time and testing, and keeping good notes at first about what works and what doesn’t for each new material that you try.

What overwhelms most new users is that they try to learn everything at once. Which would be confusing as all get out.

First step is to work through the Glowforge “Learn By Doing” section. After you review those and work the examples, there are some other ideas that might help you to tackle the learning curves:

1. Tutorials for Learning to Use the Glowforge Interface:

  • Reading through ALL of the information they list on the left at least once is good, just to start getting familiar with where to find information when you need it… but you don’t need to memorize it, you’re going to pick it up quickly just by using the software. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Learn By Doing: Your First Prints

  • In addition, there is a more detailed reference on it here:

  • Glowforge Interface - Tips and Tricks for Using The App

  • Currently, there is no write-up on how to use the Premium Features, (it’s still in Beta), but once you get comfortable with using the other features, it is very easy to just try them out…the Premium features include “Ready-to-Use” designs for just about everything you can think of, and you can create your own Cut Lines in the Glowforge App.

2. Tutorials for Learning to Design Your Own Files

These are important for learning to understand the concepts of design and how to make them apply to the Glowforge software, no matter which program you use to design them.

3. Tutorials for Working With Your Own Materials Settings

  • Working With Manual Mode

  • Another source for finding Starter settings for new materials is the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. You can do a search using the name of the Material and the word “Settings” to see if anyone else has shared settings that work.

Got to scoot, but hopefully some of that will get you started. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just wanted share my cut with you got it done and made my flight Thank You Thank You Thank You


And it looks great! Happy wedding celebration! :smile:


@Jules you are so awesome


Nah…just a sucker for a wedding. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @kraftymomkrafts8, it sounds like @Jules was able to get you all the answers that you needed, she is the best! The final print looks really amazing! I bet the bride and groom loved it!

Thank you for your help @Jules!

Since the original request looks to be resolved, I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions or run into any issues please post a new topic and we’ll be happy to help.

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