So Disappointed in GF

My Lens in printer head kept falling out, When talking with Customer support they said i need a new printer head ($600 +$17 Shipping) I thought i just needed a new magnet, but they won’t sell one of those, it has to be the whole printer head and when you receive it I have to send my old printer head back to them!!! WTF So for a dollar part they wanted to charge me over$600!!!
Well I happened to find the lost magnet and everything is working fine!!
I know alot of people in the community has had this same problem that I have and hopefully weren’t taken advantage of, like they were trying to do to me!!

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You already posted a thread about this yesterday.

Not sure what “a lot of people” means, you’re the first one I recall seeing mention it.


If you mean people who are upset that they have to buy a whole head or ship their machine back for what seems like a minor issue, yeah you’re not alone.

As for the magnet lens thing, like @eflyguy I have never heard of this happening to anyone else.

I know you may not have been looking for solutions here, most likely you’re trying to vent (which benefits no one) or complain loudly enough that GF will capitulate (which benefits you but at our expense). Anyway, there are options you could try if that’s what you’re wanting.

Have you tried to source your own magnet? I’d probably have gone looking for one if I were in your shoes. If it’s truly as simple as that, it seems like a pretty easy fix. Glowforge doesn’t make the magnets, so it’s just a matter of finding a supplier with a similar one.

Might be worth a shot?


“A lot of people” means they had the same issue of the lens falling out.

While waiting for CS to contact me back, I was researching as to why it kept falling out!

I was unaware that I only get 1 post (?) I agree that I should have replied to my first post. My apologies for that but i guess was feeling a little ticked off at that point !

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Like this:

CMS Magnetics® Super Strong Neodymium Magnets Ring N45 1-1/2"OD x 1.065"ID x 3/8" - Rare Earth Ring Magnet - Science Projects School and Magnetism Education

Granted I don’t know if this is a direct fit. You’ll need to figure out how thick the existing magnet is, that will matter and needs to be exact.


I could probably count on one hand how many times I’ve heard of that here. Usually it’s because the lens was not inserted correctly. Never heard of a magnet going missing, though.

Anyway, good luck.


No I found my magnet and it does benefit me, if I can help someone else not fall for their BS!
I read several posts on the topic of lens falls out in Community the other night!

yes agreed, I would not have spent $600 for the magnet that, they may not manufacture, but obviously stock them, like GF wanted me to do.
Maybe I am trying to start a ruckus because if so many are dissatisfied with poor service maybe they should start a ruckus too and hopefully GF will start listening to us!

We are the reason GF is in business today! and I am not sure they know that!

Cheers to all

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Well, then you’re in the wrong place. Everyone here already has a Glowforge so all you’re really doing is bringing us down.

Good luck to you.



I would think GF would help with this! "I lost the magnet so how would I get the specs of it?
This is what I am disappointed in and it seems like I may be alone in this right now or you all are just used to accepting that they won’t help!
I appreciate the info but don’t understand why you let them treat you that way and not want them to do their job? I expect customer service when I shop with someone. I have a job and don’t want to do theirs!!!
thanks again for your guys help and support!

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Glowforge support does not monitor or participate in the forum. You can always write to them and let them know how you feel.


Yeah, sorry. That’s exactly what I meant by being in the wrong place. You have things you need to talk to glowforge about, and I support you in that… I’ve had my problems with their support as well. I truly mean good luck to you on this one, and hope that you find a replacement magnet and get it all worked out.


The only posts I can find that mention this are people that were confused about how the print head works. The lens clicks onto a magnet in the print head, and that magnet is attached to a platform that moves up and down. That’s how the Glowforge focuses on materials of different thicknesses, by moving that platform with the lens up and down inside the print head.

Several people have posted over the years worried something is wrong because they push the lens all the way into the print head after cleaning it, then next time they go to remove it, the lens had “fallen down” nearer to the bottom of the print head – but that’s normal, it isn’t meant to stay at one position. It hadn’t “fallen” at all.

I can’t find any other posts besides this one about losing a magnet in the print head, ever.


One of the reasons they can’t say this to you is liability.


my apologies for this post! if someone would delete since i dont know how to.

this is not glowforges problem, this all lands on me! I have been dealing with some medical issues and the meds i was on were dealing me the devil!

My apologies and regret this post!


Happy Glowforge Forum Anniversary. There is nothing particularly problematic about your post, but if you want to delete it, simply click the three dots at the bottom of the post and select the trash can/delete icon.


No worries, we all have bad days, and Glowforge outages with slow support will drive us all nuts.


Btw if you are still looking for a magnet, Jonathan Gleich apparently sourced the correct size. You can reach him at


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