So Done with it Not cutting all the way through... and yes I have checked everything!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo tired of my glowforge not consistently cutting through. This is a refurbished machine and its now doing the same thing my first one was doing before it stopped working all together. The laser power disapates with time. I can NOT keep running job after job and spending more time cutting the backs out. Yes its on Purebond wood and not proof grade but honestly who can afford proof grade at the amount we need to be profitable?!? I was cutting this SAME wood at 165 speed, now I’m down to 125 speed and its not even charring the edges or cutting through!!! That right there tells me the laser is weak. Yes all the lenses are clean, yes the fans are all clean and working and yes I’ve sent in pictures. The last time I did the proofgrade test, took pictures, they adjusted the speed and it was working great for a hot second… now its even worse then before!!! I ALWAYS stick up for glowforge in every comment section I see but seriously I am tired of it not working!!! I’ve only had the whole thing for a year and this refurbished one for half that time. Of course my warrantee is up now. I just can’t anymore. Its to frustating for a $6K machine!!!

If you cut the gift of good measure on proof grade does it work properly?

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the last time I did it, it didn’t the first time and they adjusted the laser speed or something like that and then it did. and that was maybe 2 weeks ago.

Ok, so if that works then there is nothing wrong with the machine. Either the material you are using or the file itself is at fault. I would suspect it is the material. Plywood has fillers in between the layers that can make cutting impossible. If you shine a very strong light through the wood you may see the dark spots that are obstructing the laser.

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So if you read what I wrote before, No it did not cut through and they adjusted the speed to slow it down on their end to make it work. It worked for a hot second and now its not working AGAIN. Yeah, I’ve heard all the wood crap a thousand times, I dont buy it. It can cut it just fine at 165 one week and the next week it wont even cut it at 125?!? With no charring on the sides?? nope. I understand the glue spots and yes, I have dealt with that. but this is not cutting the whole sheet?!? nope, dont buy it either.

I think I read it just fine. I was only telling you what the reality of the situation as you described it is.


If everything is as you say, then it sounds like your laser tube is failing.

Not all that uncommon.


You may know this, but GF has been phasing out using this section for support. You’ll likely want to cut the Gift of Good Measure again and drop them an email or use the chat.

Hope you get it working quickly!


There are many of us who are still using our machines with no issue 5+ years later, that yours gets weaker over time would indicate a cleaning issue, but you seem to indicate you’re certain that’s not the issue. So…is there something someone can help with, or are you venting?


So to clarify, you re printed the gift of good measure now that the machine is having trouble and glowforges adjustments didn’t fix it?

Glowforge has a process and the process is to print the GOGM so they can adjust. So is your issue with the process or the capability?

I went through this myself… getting weaker power output over time, unable to cut materials I used to be able to cut (including Proofgrade). Glowforge slowed down all my cut speeds until the GOGM would cut… sometimes. But I still couldn’t reliably cut 1/4" materials at any speed.

It was not a “cleaning issue” – I even replaced every window, lens and mirror in the machine with brand new ones. That tube was just not able to put out enough power any more, and I paid to replace it. Sorry to see that you’re getting so much community pushback in the same situation.


That sounds very much like my issue. I’m terrified to even ask how much it costs to replace the laser tube. Mine will usually cut 1/8" material if I cut it twice- I put in custom settings and just do this all the time. but 1/4" is very iffy.

$500 shipping both ways included. They’re probably losing money on that in fact but they made the commitment after they figured out they couldn’t let people replace their own and had to backtrack on that.

Although, they’re providing refurb machines vs actually replacing the tubes now per another thread this week.

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($500 if you’re in the US or Canada, otherwise shipping is “extra”)

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