So for a first print

So since the Glowforge arrived with the indoor filter but no other accessories should I attempt a first print without the crumb tray and use some nice wood from HomeDepot, Lowes, or Hobby Lobby?

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Nope. You should wait. ( It’s better to learn how with the Proofgrade materials since they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.)

And congrats! :smile:

Welcome. The crumb tray will arrive very soon, but if you can’t wait you can use some other wood. Just be sure you elevate the wood off the floor of the Glowforge so that the surface is within the 0-.5" focus range. Use the set focus tool. Personally I would wait for the crumb tray and Proofgrade draftboard and do the Gift of Good Measure first, but that is just me.

Yeah this - if you’re jonesing to do something get a design or two ready to go! You can even upload them to the GFUI :slight_smile:

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