So friggin excited


Pro arrived this week. Just finished setup. On to the manual!


Congratulations! :grinning:


I’m so shocked by the size - much bigger than it looked like in pictures. Made me think Dan must be like 9 ft tall as in the video the one behind him looked small!


I believe he said he’s 6½ feet tall once, so he’s pretty tall. :smile:


Congrats! Yeah I was surprised also, even knowing the dimensions…

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Yeah - but in perspective the glowforge behind him looks like 20 inches wide. This takes up the entire dresser in my guest room! Luckily the room has 6 full size doors to open as the position of the dresser doesnt allow for me to put it near one of them. My air filter is coming - but i figure if I open every window in the room and bring the tube as close as I can to the window - I’ll be ok (famous last words).


You’ll want to run the tube outside of the window by at least a couple of feet, or create a cardboard or wooden cutout for the window that you can connect the hose to. You don’t want to vent it into the room, it’s not safe.

You don’t just have to deal with the smell of the smoke, there are a lot of chemical compounds and gases created when you burn anything that aren’t good to breathe in large quantities.

(Besides, you’ll stink up your whole house.)

There are a lot of good venting solutions discussed in the Beyond the Manual category - just do a search for “Venting”. You might need to use a slightly longer hose and add a booster fan if it’s farther than eight feet to the window.

Its about 6 feet from the door (no windows - which is scary because we are on the 9’th floor - and the architect thought -brilliant idea - floor to ceiling doors. Lets do 6 right here! Yes there is a railing - but it’s hillarious for me to look at these huge double doors - you could jump right out. Ok - so to the hardware store before my first print then! :frowning: Course - its saturday - and late here - so that means Sunday at 10. Gives me time to read.

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May want to put it on a rolling cart and move out onto the balcony when using, then can pull the doors shut and eliminate the smoke.

Just saying. You really need to vent it as short as possible to the outside. Which will not be possible it sounds like, unless you own the joint and can punch a hole into the nearest wall…

Congratulations! You’ll love it!

You can buy a longer hose, or get a coupler and join two together. If it is a straight shot, no bends, you’ll probably be okay.