So, GF plywood is the least brittle material?

Less brittle than hardwood at the same thickness - let’s say 1/8th in?

Simple thin hardwood may break extremely easily along the grain line. The GF plywood has some strength in the front and back veneers with an inner MDF like material in between. It does not have a common grain. I made 100 keychains for a business and after a week the items started to come back because they would break along the grain near the keyring hole. I ended up making 100 replacement keyrings out of GF plywood. Reputation and all.


Least brittle material of all is probably Delrin/acetal. For woods, any plywood will be stronger than the same hardwood at 1/8" due to cross graining. True Baltic birch ply is tougher than PG since there’s no MDF in the middle. (MDF has no grain at all)


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