So Happy!

I am so HAPPY! Got my :glowforge: Pro back from repair (lid coming unstuck from the hinge). It actually arrived back on Christmas Eve, but with work and the holidays, this is the first time that I had to set it up.

Works just like new. They also cleaned it up very nice and it looks like they also replaced the lid cable.

For anyone that sends a unit in for repair in the future, you will loose access to the app until you get it back and go through the initial setup again. Re-setup was painless.
Best of all, I still have SnapMarks and all of my designs are intact.

Kudos to the :glowforge: repair team!


Thanks for posting this. It seems like all we ever hear are the angry voices.

Weird about access to the GFUI, but it is mostly useless without the machine anyway. When going through initial setup again is that only for the wifi or full, name the machine, confirm your details, etc?


Excellent news all around. Congrats!


Maybe I did not state that quite properly. But what they have to do is to sign on to your machine while it is in repair, so they remove it from your profile. When that happens, the Web app thinks that you have not yet installed your :glowforge:. I went through the setup process, gave the :glowforge: the same name as before and all is well.


Can you tell us how long your GF was gone???


With shipping and repair time, about 2 /12 - 3 weeks. I went to Texas FedEx ground, that took a week. It was in repair for about a week and got back to me in 3 days.


Thanks!!! That seems really fast!!! Good to know!!!


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