So, how is shipping going to be handled?

I wasn’t asked for an address when I paid, so I have no idea how this will be handled. You had mentioned that I would be contacted when you were ready to ship it. When should I expect this email to arrive? How soon after should I receive the unit? Will the shipping method allow me to control the drop off location (I work multiple jobs, and sometimes being able to have expensive items go to a Fedex Office or UPS Ground drop-off is convenient and necessary)?

Just my $.02 based on my experiences with other crowd funded projects. I do not have any special insight into how Glowforge will do this…

We know through statements by @dan on posts like when will first units ship that shipments wont happen for months. Depending on where you are in the queue it may be late Q2 (or Q3) 2016. Maybe later.

In other crowdfunded projects I’ve bought into, I rec’d a request for shipping address several weeks (sometimes as many as 6) before shipping starts.

As someone who has to ship things across the US using UPS/FedEx I can tell you that process usually takes 4-5 days coast to coast. But the closer you are to the shipping location the less time. And If you have rec’d a FedEx/UPS tracking number, both companies have a process (using their 800 numbers) to re-route a package if you are not going to be home for pickup.

Hope this totally un-official info helps.

And that assumes shipping originates in the U.S. Haven’t seen anything yet on where the units will be assembled. Designed in the U.S. but no other info.

It has been stated in a variety of posts that they will be asking you for your address right before they ship it because they know that some people will move between now and when they actually ship these things.

They have stated that they will be shipping direct from the factory, not from the GlowForge office in Seattle, so origin I’m thinking may be overseas.

Thinking the same. Not because of any money savings, but because of the necessary parts chain and additional time required to tool a U.S production line.