So... I broke my Glowforge

So here’s the situation:

I was having issues with smoke leaking from the lid. So I cleaned my Glowforge (The fan and much of the interior) on Friday… Problem solved, I was running it a bunch on Saturday without any issues.

Today I go to cut something and I notice there’s no laser cutting. a quick glance at the laser tube and there is a spark below the laser tube where some residue from cleaning that must have dripped under the tube seems to have ignighted - My damp sponge wasn’t as damp as I thought.

At first I thought there might be damage to the glass tube - a little hole or something. I have no established that is not the case. It looks like there’s damage to the wire below the tube. It’s tough to tell because I’m not sure how to remove the laser tube - it’s more than just the 4 screws on the clamps.

I’m in Ontario Canada. I’m not going to send my whole Glowforge back for maintenance - especially since I should be able to fix it myself - or in worst case - just send back the broken part - in this case the arm.

Has anybody removed the laser tube to clean it fully before? If I can remove it, I can at least get a better look at the issue below. !


You need to post this in the “Problems and Support” page. Glowforge staff does not read the Beyond the Manual section of this forum. Good luck.

I just moved it there

I don’t think moving creates a ticket though? only a new post?


Perhaps @vee would get the needed attention.
I just did a similar cleaning but found that thin cardboard and two layers of paper towel made the trip;

That apparently doesn’t open a support ticket – the OP needs to start a new thread in P&S. Silly Discourse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That sure doesn’t sound to me like it was from the cleaning, then. With all the heat and air blowing through it, and how much time has passed, any residual moisture should have been LONG gone by today.

We have already followed up with you by email, so I’m going to close this topic.