So I got a Glowforge, and I have some thoughts

  1. Don’t have UPS hold your stuff for pickup if it is around the holidays. You’ll have to go to there, and you do not want to go to there. Or maybe your Pickup location is nice. Mine was in total chaos. I think we were there for 3 hours on Wednesday. The dentist is more fun.

  2. The shipping tape is… Not good. Only two sides were taped, and since half of the handles were long gone, the only thing holding everything together was that tape. Or maybe the tape is fine, and it just needs more of it? The crumb tray package had the same tape, and even though that box is way lighter, the tape on that was all falling apart, too.

  3. Everything inside the box was packaged really nicely.

  4. Holy crap, the pictures don’t do it justice. The glowforge is pretty. Like, really pretty. Not that I didn’t have faith or expected something bad, but everything feels way nicer than I expected. Nithing about it feels cheap or insignificant.

  5. It’s way quieter than I was expecting. Not that it’s quiet, per se, but I was expecting something between a vacuum cleaner and a jet engine. Its quieter than our vacuum.

  6. Its way smellier than I was expecting. To be fair, I’m 97% sure this is because of my halfassed vent setup. Theres a good possibility I could just throw the hose out the window to equal effect. Be prepared to either tape or otherwise seal every connection (in which case I would assume its staying that way longterm), or deal with smells. I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible.

  7. It works and its so cool. Like, so cool. I’m glad I bought it, I’m glad I waited 2ish years, and in retrospect I would absolutely make the same decision.

  8. Guys, its so cool.




When did you get your email vs when it arrived?

I got my email on the 27th of November, but I’m waiting still.


Congrats! :grinning:


I ordered a basic, just for reference.

I got the email asking if I wanted it the 28th, and a shipping notification on the 30th. The glowforge got to my state on the 6th and the crumb tray went on a mini adventure and got here the 8th. Then it was all stuck in UPS purgatory until Tuesday (partly due to bad weather, I think).

I’m fairly certain my quick time from initial email to shipping was thanks to them churning out some extra basic units, like Dan mentioned in the most recent update.



I can feel for you waiting at UPS, but I didn’t mind myself. The Uhaul trucks with seasonal UPS help going out to deliver packages reinforced my reservations about the dangers of the last mile delivery this time of year, as did, and this may be relative to my area, of packages disappearing from gates out here in my kinda country neighborhood. I think everyone’s situation may need to be assessed individually. Basically, what is the safest and best way to get my precious, err, your Glowforge.

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Yay! So glad you got your machine. You are going to have so much fun!



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