So I was having a grand day

So I was having a grand day making stuff on my forge. Started a nice little engrave and the great nor easter of the century struck. No power, still no power and in fact I am in a hotel room with forge envy looking at what everyone else is making. Now the interesting thing will be to see if when my power does come back on will the job pick up where it left off or will I lose the work that was done… Happy burning for those of you who can :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but no, the memory is volatile, salvage what you can.

Oh bummer! (Well, catch some TV.) :neutral_face:

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funny enough I think after this post I am going try and get some sleep. Stayed in the house last night thinking maybe they would get the power back on. Woke up shivering and no a real way to get any relief. So I think its off to la la land.

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Oh well I guess thats the breaks

@tactic9 “nor’easter” tags you as an east coast native. The glowfolk in the west have no idea what that is. Fortunately we didn’t lose power here by sandy Hook, nj. But it’s still damn windy. Hopefully power has been restored and you can get back to creating.

I was on the cape on Wednesday and left before the storm. I can only imagine what this area looks like now.

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Wind & waves were fierce. Another winter, another set of stairs to the beach that will need rebuilding :slight_smile:

Most of CT is back to normal - we didn’t get hit too hard, mostly just wind & fallen branches but not a lot of rain. Power was impacted for many but I believe it’s back for most. The Cape and shoreline of CT/RI/MA were more seriously hit.

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Browns Mills NJ here. No power till late Sunday at current estimates.