So it begins. Also known as Hi all!

Well , bought time for me to stop the lurk. As I have received My shiny new friend.

Inspection crew making sure all was in place. and nothing was going to eat our food.

The box took one hell of a beating on the way here. Missing 3 of the 4 handle locks and one end was a bit flappy. All said though the Glowforge came through in perfect condition. Nice work on the packing design!

I have yet to provide a name and am open to suggestions if there are any. Once I have good name in place the escutcheon will be a fast follow.

I have run the customary first print for all .

As well as played with mixing and matching some things.

So far though it is the greebly bits That I find the most fun in. :blush:

So thus concludes the "Hi all! " post, and begins the neat stuff incoming warning. :smile:
(editors note: I am a slow poster :smiley: )

That is all for now!


Congratulations! Off to an excellent start!

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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your projects.

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Hey, great! Glad to see your assistant helped you set up; those are some intriguing first projects.


Great! :sunglasses:
Yeah, those little pieces are a good reason why we need to save the scraps!

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Fantastic projects, cute little assistant you got there, and welcome out of lurkdom! :smile:

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Congratulations on getting the cat.
Not sure I’d call him shiny. (Unless we’re talking about the Firefly usage of the word.) But I’m sure a good friend. :wink:

Oh, cool Glowforge, too.


Hooray! Yes…now the real fun begins. I share in your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing lots of cool things that you make!

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Great news! (will i be next? will i be next? will i be next?..)


Congratulations! How long did it take you to get yours from shipping e-mail to UPS at the door? Just wondering as I got my e-mail on Friday.

no real idea honestly, though it was not to long wait.

I am also a master at going from "YAY!!! I got my e-mail ! " to “Ehh? yeah got an email. Umm couple days/weeks ago. I dunno.” :smiley:



Ahhhhhhhhh… I am obsessively checking my e-mails, and have saved everything they have sent me in the last 2 years. Just wondered how long I have to wait yet.
Now that it seems within my reach it almost is harder to be patient. :o)

Probably 2-4 weeks. If you live in northern CA you may receive your glowforge before your we’ve shipped it email. If you live east of the Mississippi you have a week in transit.

Thanks were in Wisconsin so probably a few weeks yet.

Congrats! and looking good!

I love that Glowforge customers’ “garbage” is more interesting than most people’s actual projects. This is delightful - welcome and congratulations!!!