So it finally succeeds


Continuing the discussion from Le Sigh:

So after UPS played around with 3 different shipments as chronicled in the above link, I introduce to you all:

Adara Kalama

(I think I figured out the secret)


:scream: Red Power Cord!!!




Self supplied.


Isn’t that the 2nd pairing of a Glowforge with a red power cord? I’m pretty sure there can only be one…ala Highlander. Better get your sword ready.


Yay! I won’t be completely happy until I see the Founder’s Ruler.


I printed it before dashing out the door to my first job…

Some of our post residents will recognize some of that background I’m sure.


Let’s see… Blade replica, Duncan’s highlander replica, or one of these others…have to swing by my brothers place to fetch them all.


Forgot to say congrats on the honest-to-God functioning Glowforge.

…and hopefully I didn’t just jinx you.


I have the power of the cord to protect me!! :wink:


Congrats. Could be a good HM song title, Red Power Cord.


First real test(more of me figuring out this stuff than of the :glowforge:slight_smile:
Testing my clean up ability before going after making an escutcheon out of proofgrade(and anodized cast offs from work). Full speed/50pwr/675lpi/vary pwr min 0/1 pass 7min 30sec


Oooh! That’s a nice effect! :grinning: