's the Air Filter?

So…first it was April. Now it’s…? Where is the filter for the Glowforge? Just curious. Not that I expect another delay in shipment or anything… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me, it currently predicts June 30, 2018. I ordered a pro on the first day. IIRC It took about three months from the first pro arrival (that I know of) until I got mine. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the same happens with the filter, so unless something changes, I’ll be surprised if I get my filter before September.


Well, in terms of delays, nothing really surprises me either. I’d also be surprised if it comes ahead of time. :pensive:

A suspicious number of us have June 30 as our ESND* on the air filter. Given that we’re now just one month out from that, I am guessing the Very Best Information Machine will soon bleep and bloop to let us know that the date has been pushed out another month or two. I suspect this is done by calling a function called boilTheFrogs().

*I just noticed that the Orwellian “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” has changed to the quite straightforward and sensible “Estimated Delivery Date”. This should be reassuring but somehow isn’t.


Mine’s showing November, and I bought on like day 27 of the Kick so…

Yes because one would expect that to add a few days. I wonder when it happened. Mine did slip from 24th to 30th but that was a long time ago.

Heh - checked again and now it says August 19, 2018, so either I completely miss-read it before, or woot!

Or may not, I suppose.

Has anyone received an update on this? Curious if it is actually shipping this year or not as I am worried about doing acrylic (even with the drier vent) without this.

I’m a bit concerned that there haven’t been any reviews posted on youtube yet, which makes me think it is going to be delayed past this year.

I’m looking forward to having the filter, as well.

My neighbor just complained about the noise (even though it was still only like 8pm.) At least I can move it away from the window once I get the filter!

I am looking forward to it as well too. I moved to a new house (Florida) and for some reason the Architect decided not to plan for any windows (downstairs) that open. I have Sliding glass doors that I open slightly and place the dryer vent out. Not ideal. Hoping we get the updates soon! :slight_smile:

The current state of play is that the filter has been delayed indefinitely for reasons Glowforge will not disclose. There was a vague indication initially that there was a design issue leading to inadequate performance, but Glowforge will not say whether the current issues are design related or production related, on the dubious grounds that to do so would give away vital intellectual property to competitors. The most specific thing Dan has said is that he does think they will eventually deliver the filter.

In terms of the prognosis, all Glowforge will say to preorder buyers is to check the estimated delivery date on their account page, because this reflects The Very Best Information about expected delivery dates. A number of Day One and Day Two buyers have June 30 as our estimated delivery date, which would be exciting if The Very Best Information Machine had not done us wrong so often before.

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So glad I checked this thread. Thanks for all the info @public2! Here’s hoping I get mine September 18th! (It was supposed to be here this week so I thought I’d check :wink: )