So sad

Just a quick mention for Jo Cox here. One of the few politicians in this country who believed her role was to serve the people who elected her.
Murdered by (what seems to be a right wing terrorist).
She leaves behind a husband and two young children.
This what happens when hate and fear come to define politics.



Be very careful accepting the media interpretation of how it occurred though. I’ve found that nothing that comes out of the media is ever accurate, and the people in charge of disseminating information now have an agenda.

I’m sorry for her death, but I’m not sure I believe the story about how it happened.



I’m so sorry. News of Jo Cox’s death landed on top of the pain I’ve been experiencing from the Orlando massacre and a waterfall of horrible information about a high-profile rape case here in the U.S. She sounded like a truly remarkable woman that I would have been proud to vote for. Times are very hard.


I agree. It is sad. And tragic.

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