So the Saga Never Ends

No power cord or Glasses.

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Did you check inside the foam that was inside the machine?
(They’re hidden in there.)

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Yea, I just realized. I had account problems and the password reset was in the spam filter. This has been a long journey and I was quick to judge. Hopefully it will be working in the next couple of hours.



Chuckle! No problem, they’re easy to overlook. :smile:

I was so frustrated I didn’t do the un-boxing part until I had everything. Just printed the ruler. I think that working from home is probably not a good idea tomorrow :slight_smile: Even with the exhaust there is a little smell but a least it is cutting.

Thank you to all those who got this to me. I am sure I am going to have fun playing with it.



Thanks for the answer @jules! And I’m so sorry for the frustrating experience @johnramminger. I’m going to close this thread - please go ahead and post a new topic if have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks for letting us know about this!