So we were watching how it's made

And we were watching the episode on boomerangs, my 6yo heard the part about being able to use ply board to make a boomerang, and he promptly asked “That’s like what you use for your Glowforge right? Could you use your wood from that?” So now I’m ciourious…has anyone tried to make a boomerang out of proofgrade or ply board?


Not that I’m going to make one, but I’d be curious, too. I always thought that they are not flat but aerodynamically curved, so that could be a challenge.


Plywood boomerangs are typically made from marine or aircraft plywood, graded A or B (voids are not optimal), so your GF should be able to cut the blanks. One side will be flat, but the other will need a tapered edge (wood rasps or a sander would work).

Here’s one of many builds from the internet:

Good luck!


Sounds like a good project for you and your son! It’s great that he’s thinking these things. Makes you wonder what he’ll do with the Glowforge as you let him use it, now with your supervision, and later as he’s older. :slight_smile:


It all sounds like fun until you want to get rid of it.

At least, that’s what I learned from Bugs Bunny.


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