So what is happening when uploads are so slow?

I’ve been waiting about 10 minutes for a design to upload, just simple cuts and scores. Last time I ran it, it took seconds. Testing my current broadband speed and I’m at 8MB upload speeds.

My first assumption is that the hamster at Amazon isn’t running fast enough. But I’m begining to suspect the browser is having problems - either as well or instead of. I say this because it is also impossible to select thumbnails or change settings while things are slow and I’m not convinced that Amazon is to blame for those. (If it is, then there’s another UI design issue in play).

Anyway, anybody got any hard, credible information on what causes these terrible slowdowns on dropping in new artwork?

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It’s Google, not Amazon (just to be pedantic). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d close and restart your browser. Since it’s a known file, that’s the most likely candidate.


I thought GF services were running on Amazon AWS?

Or do you mean something else?

Now here’s something else curious.

I am this minute running Chrome and Firefox side by side.

While both take about the same amount of CPU during the upload - and neither seem to be quicker than the other. Once the upload is complete, chrome CPU usage stays high, firefox drops to low CPU usage.

Nope, they run on Google Cloud services. See

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Restarting the computer has helped me occasionally.

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