So when you get your laser you could make this




Ha ha ha…Yes…and even cut out shapes of the guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
I bought a sheet magnifier that you could place in front of your TV way back when that would also work in here to make the image larger so you feel like you have your own IMAX…lmao


Haha! I’ll never go to the theater again!

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That is hilarious!! I’m going to make one for my iPad! :joy:


Stupid suburban-multi-plex Cardboard Home Cinema. :-1: :-1:

They need the Majestic Cardboard Home Cinema. Just like this one, but with red plush curtains to each side of the screen. Then it would be perfect. :+1: :+1:

Nice Find JeremyNielsen.


Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight. Someone is selling a cardboard box with a crappy stencil for 50 $ USD/CND ish. Why do I go to work everyday…

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One design upgrade you could add to this… doggy door style flaps for quickly pausing the touch screen. or better yet, a two person cinema for when mom and dad want to enjoy a show and not keep the kids up :slightly_smiling:

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I like this guys better:

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