So, who will be the first

to report that they have received “the letter” with “the scheduled date” …

Will it reflect:

  • your Glowforge is ready to be produced
  • your Glowforge has been built and is ready for shipment

If you’d like, we could establish another spreadsheet (just kidding) … OR, just chime in here and share your JOY and enthusiasm at receiving word.

I sure am ready for that letter.

Brian :glowforge::proofgrade::sunglasses:


You mean the email that tells you when you will get an email saying you will get your GF in the next six weeks. If you are subscribed to announcements you will have had an email telling you that you will get this email in a week. So triple indirect emails.


I just got e-mail update that specifies the projected delivery and additional air filter delay info.


Delivery or “shipping”?

Probably shipping…