So who's Going to be at PAX DEV/PAX West

Seen a few brave souls talk about it.

Who else will be at PAX Dev and/or PAX west?

I’ll be there Friday. Taking my son and a friend. Second year for us. The size was definitely overwhelming for him last year. I couldn’t believe the lines for games being released fairly shortly.

I’ll be there all four days. I’ll likely be spending most of my time helping out at the SpyParty booth. Stop by if you want to check out a fantastic game!


stopped by spy party. Didn’t see you off hand but man the booth was packed. looks like a fun challenge though.

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I came and went a bit. I’m not a full time exhibitor, I just stop by to help train newcomers when they are short handed.

Not I. I will be at dragon con all week though!

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