Software problems, wont load

My glow forge will not do any tracing for me, it will not let me use shapes, it just keeps spinning and never loads, I have the pro and I pay for premium membership.
I have only had the Glow forge for about a month

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This must be very frustrating. I am just another user (not official Glowforge support) but I have a suggestion which is to try a different browser. Chrome works well for me, and others have good luck with Firefox and other browsers. You can also try clearing your browser cache, signing out of the app and then back in. What happens when you try tracing? Do you get the spinning as well? Can you load other files like the Gift of Good Measure? If so, what happens when you then try adding a premium shape to the project?


Thank you for trying to help, I am using chrome, It will not let me trace, I can load a print, but just now I tried to send something to print and it just spins, and yes, it is very frustrating. I work all day and try to do some gifts at night, just not having much luck, maybe I should try a different browser. But chrome was working, I also cleaned my cache, and deleted temporary files now I plan to defrag tonight. I also tried to close everything else on my computer while I was on Glow forge

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You won’t get any better results from the Glowforge from defragging, but definitely try a different browser. Sometimes browsers update automatically and something that was working before goes off the rails.


Thank you


My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

I’m sorry you are having trouble with the trace feature!

As a first step can I have you run an internet speed test for me and send the results over? Like this:

You can simply google “internet speed test” and google provides one.

I would be interested in seeing your results and then I should be able to give you next steps to troubleshoot.

Hi Mercedes
My internet speed is 43.5 download and 15.5 uploads, that was with the glowforge running


43.5 download 15.5 upload
Thank you


Thank you for confirming your internet speed. Sometimes connection strength can make a big difference in how the Glowforge performs and I wanted to make sure connection strength wasn’t what was affecting you.

Can I have you just try a different browser and let me know if that works? It shouldn’t make a difference but if it does I want to see why it could make a difference.


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