Software support

Multi part question:

1- What OSes will be supported by your software? Windows, Mac, Linux, Other?

2- Is raw/native g-code possible? This can be considered by some as “future-proofing” and also allows people to work on any OS they choose.

3- What file formats can be used as input? .svg? .gif? .dxf?

4- How does the computer connect with the unit? USB? WiFi? SD card?

Thanks for the great questions! We’ll release a ton of technical details when we launch on Sept 24, but in short, the Glowforge connects via wifi to our cloud servers, and you print to it via a web browser. We support SVG and most bitmap formats already and will be adding more.


“Glowforge connects via wifi to our cloud servers, and you print to it via a web browser.”

will there be an offline printing option? What if your cloud is offline or god forbid Glowforge goes out of business. Will our units still be usable without the mothership?

We’re not launching with offline printing capability, but the firmware’s flashable by the owner. You’ll have options!

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I am going to have to second offline printing as a major feature request… even if its a special “Advanced Technical Dev type only, 20 step process to setup your own offline server”. I for one know that not having offline support is a very scary proposition, and one that will make me think about my pre-order…

As a though, would Glowforge be willing to state that should the cloud solution be taken offline, or the API that drives these lasers be deprecated, for any-reason that the platform would be release to the public (open source, Creative Commons (non-commercial) what ever license your investors would be ok with) that way the community who is putting there faith in you now know that there is a way forward should things turn sideways… (by the way, by no means would I want things to turn sideways for GlowForge !)

PS: I have a personal home made CNC machine so multi step complex processes is not so scary for me personally ;-)…

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I should check your blog :wink:

:smile: We heard you loud and clear! Escape hatch prepared… hopefully never necessary.

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Firmware is definetly a start… as long as there is an API that takes Gcode it may even be more than enough… But you have to admit, access to the cloud components eventually would be cool too :-P…

How does this work?


For you, it doesn’t. :slight_smile:

We’ll document the process when we roll it out.