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If I wanted to import say a blueprint, and only cut the outside border, ignoring the internal walls, would the included software be able to do this? Or would I need to “hollow” my design until all that remains is the exterior border before cutting it from a sheet of whatever material I chose.

What software is best used to take a 3D model and then “slice” it into layers. I have tried 123MAKE but it doesn’t seem to work properly and seems extremely basic. It slices the original model but then when I change the thickness of the layers for more detail, the displayed model stays the same.

Obviously I am new to this whole designing and making world, so any is appreciated.

I want to make scale models ultimately, scratch build them, using the slices as a skeleton and then building up with other material to get the final shape.

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Midway through the video, they do a hand drawing and tell it what to cut. You could probably set it to just cut the lines you designate and ignore the rest. I’ve never used 123 make. I’ve been trying to explore options for slicing though

Yea I’ve actually been watching all their YouTube videos and the software is idiot proof, even I can use it and not screw things up…which in itself is hard to believe, lol

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