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Retails at $6990 (Pro+Filter). Located in Portland, Oregon.

I’m selling my Glowforge because I don’t use it enough. I’ve used it for roughly 20 hours of time. It’s essentially brand new. The filter is completely brand new; it just arrived a couple of weeks ago and is still in its box. I wish I was using it more but have other things occupying my time now.

So why not get this in the hands of someone who will use it!

Comes with some materials you can use to make designs. I have a mix of proofgrade woods and acrylics. Also comes with two pair of goggles so you can look at the laser in action without burning your retina!

Here’s a video of mine making name tags for an event recently:

The Glowforge is no longer in-warranty, but the filter should be. Check with Glowforge for details.

Here’s the Craigslist Posting:

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