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When will the proofgrade clear acrylic be available again? Otherwise, can you offer an alternative supplier for the new people that don’t know how to find the right material?


Can’t answer the first question, but there are tons of acrylic sources, all of which will be basically the same thing. You want cast acrylic.

Here are some options: Specialty Acrylic Sources


Thank you :hugs:

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Also another option is if you have a Tap Plastics near you, or a manufacturer that uses acrylics, they may sell their scrap–it’s how I get most of my acrylic… Google is your friend to find sources for everything you need, actually.


Yeah, I did pick up a pile of scrap from a local guy who makes acrylic furniture. :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to ask around a bit at sign places, but it requires pushing past my “contacting strangers” wall.


Yeah… There’s a sign place near me I’ve been meaning to talk to about that!

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I have been ordering from EStreetPlastics lately. Cheaper than the Proofgrade material, especially if you order in quantity, and they have precut sizes for the GF.

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It looks like you’ve received some fantastic advice from the community. I’ll be closing out this thread but please don’t hesitate to open another one should you need more help.