Solid Fitting for Exhaust Hose

I Glowforged a hook to hang the end of my exhaust hose high on the garage wall. Attached it to the hose with duct tape. Worked great for about a month, then the duct tape slid off the hose and the hook. Reattached with duct tape. Worked for a few days then slipped apart again.

Decided I needed to find a more solid fitting for the end of the exhaust hose. Lo and behold my local big hardware store (Orchard Supply) had a promising contraption in black plastic: Prinsco Corrugated Internal Snap Coupler, 4 Inch.

What’s great about this is that it’s designed to screw into the kind of hose the GF uses. A few turns and it snugs up to the hose. No more wimpy deformable hose end.

So I screwed it in, then drilled two holes through the hook and the Prinsco fitting to attach them together. Two small bolts, two nuts and it’s gonna stay put.


These are super cheap and as secure as any other clamp I’ve used in automotive world.


When you said it screwed in, I was hoping that it sealed the ‘threads’ of the tubing, but I see it only has a number of spigots.
At least it does give you a secure fitting.
Now wondering if I can use the forge to create a fully threaded adaptor !
Possibly use it to make a mould, then cast a PU fitting.

John :upside_down_face:

Hmmm… perhaps a locking collar/flange setup?

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That covers the locking problem nicely, but I’m more concerned with the spiral tunnel that the wire in the flexible tube creates when you push it over a smooth cylindrical surface.
No matter how hard you tighten a clamp over it, that wire acts as a spacer.
Smearing a load of caulk would probably do the trick, but it would be nice to have a more universal solution.
Perhaps a silicone rubber moulded sleeve between the two is necessary.
John :thinking::upside_down_face:

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Got it.

For those wondering what we’re talking about, here’s a photo, with hook attached. The protrusions around the circumference thread into the 4-inch spring of the exhaust hose (the fitting is symmetrical; the bottom part is screwed into the hose).

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Mother of holy over-engineered god…

You could hang your GF from the ceiling with that!


don’t say that someone will try, and then complain when they can’t reach high enough to push the button.


… and can you imagine the mess from the scraps when you open the lid?