Solid Water

Solid Water sheets compatible with GF ? used in physics calibrations for Radiation Therapy…

Best to get the material specs. Some items similar to this have resins that may not be safe.


Solid water sheets sound like ice. Looks like I gotta google.


I’m unable to find an MSDS.


Thanks! My husband is a medical physicist and I am an artist……… we are making some devices he needs…. I’ve been using acrylic but want to try some Solid Water…… some have epoxy resin so not compatible with GF. Many of my cast resin pieces are with epoxy resin, so the are not compatible with GF. Has anyone tried polyester resin in the GF? I might switch resins if polyester is compatible……. Advice? Knowledge ?Thanks!

Don’t use unknown materials until you:
A) Find an SDS or MSDS that tells you what the combustion products are and verify they are safe or
B) Perform a burn test to test for the various dangerous compounds.

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@henryhbk is probably a good resource. I can’t imagine with all the work he was doing that he hasn’t done something with this.


do you know who makes it?

I have a friend is a Physicist with our Med Onc dept. I might be able to see if he knows of an MSDS.

Thank you…. I will contact him

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