[SOLVED] Groups in the GFUI

I have a design with multiple images. I want to be able to arrange those different parts on my material.

Old Behavior:
Rearrange different parts at will.

New Behavior:
All parts are somehow grouped and won’t rearrange.

What do I need to do to arrange my parts?


Is it because they are filled vectors? I want them engraved.
They are different colors, not grouped, not near one another.
I tried moving them further from each other in the file.
I tried using fewer colors wondering if it was too many operations.
That doesn’t seem to work.

I really really don’t want to make 17 separate files. That would be a really awkward workaround.

Sounds silly, but have you tried clicking outside of the objects (selecting nothing) and then trying to click just one of the objects?

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yes. I did. Thank you.
my answer may be something that easy… but that doesn’t appear to be it.

I also just changed all my filled to outline only, and that isn’t working either.

Frustrating… I have been able to arrange parts of boxes really quite recently just fine; but this file (or series of several variations of the same…)

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That’s a solution.

Even with extra parts, box segments have a closed border.

so adding boxes that you ignore in the GFUI will solve my problem.