Solving a practical problem: Stovetop vent cover

Our stovetop allows terrible air leak out of its down vent, and I’m so excited to have a solution to the problem that is not a cutting board held down by a cast iron skillet. Typically, I have a propensity for trial and error over measurement (I like to think of this as being artsy rather than lazy), so I’m especially thrilled to say that this cover fit the first time.

Materials: 2 layers of medium thickness clear acrylic + 1 layer of medium thickness maple plywood, Gorilla glue (regular and wood versions)

Time: About an hour to measure, design, and upload the cut files. (The two layers of acrylic are slightly smaller than the wood layer, and the design has to be rounded to fit in the vent properly, so some new Inkscape skills for me.)

About 4 minutes of cutting a total of 3 layers (2 acrylic + 1 wood)

About 1 hour to engrave the quote, which was an afterthought. (In future projects, I’ll try to make these decisions earlier to take advantage of the masking paper.)

I’m thrilled with this modest little project.


Sounds great! You should post a picture. :grinning:


I’m trying :slight_smile:

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Drag the photo over an open post and drop it.

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I appreciate it ~ getting the pictures from my phone to the computer is an iProject.

The vent/problem:

The vent cover (upside down):

Cover in place:



Oh, much nicer! :grinning:

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Wonderful solution! I know the feeling. I’ve made a few little useful bits and bobs to solve issues around the house and it’s always thrilling. Especially when they turn out looking really nice.

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Interesting thought went by while reading this.

Wonder if it is practical to utilize a stove venting system to eliminate the exhaust from a Glowforge?
Would need to gizmo a connection, or a two way valve to switch between the stove or Glowforge. (what am I thinking, if the forge is hooked up then the stove does not need it anymore).

Can keep it in the kitchen, just like in the ad.

Seriously though, worth a thought to those who are having venting issues. I know my kitchen vent will suck thoughts away, so Glowforge would gain by using it.

One issue that comes to mind, a lot of these stove vents are done on the lowdown, and just vent into the upper crawl space. If yours does not have a dedicated line to the outside, may want to not use it. Don’t want all the smoke in the attic.

This is exactly how I use mine - it vents all the way outside. It works very well. Right now I cut up a piece of cardboard with a hole for the vent hose and just kind of push the hose into the vent opening with the cardboard covering the rest of the opening. I keep meaning to cut out a much nicer solution with the GF, but too many other fun things to make. :grinning: