Some belated Halloween

Halloween is typically my fav holiday. We tend to go all out decorating the house etc. This year we were just not quite with it so at the last minute I cut some cardboard bats and recreated some Halloween balloons we saw in another neighborhood. Simple but effective. Bats were cut from Amazon boxes, spray painted black and strung with thread in our huge cedar tree. The circles are just that cut from MDF, painted and brad nailed in overlapping layers in a scrap of wood leftover from our deck.

Might not have been totally into Halloween because we ended up adopting a sweet new dog, he was hit by a car and took refuge in our driveway. After $7k in emergency vets surgery we are just tired. He’s so sweet. We’ve named him AMEX because he burned ours up in the last two weeks. :wink:

We did start a gofundme to try and offset some of Amex’s expenses. Not asking you to donate but the link has the whole story and pics. Would be nice if you shared it with any dog peeps you know. Next project is an acrylic Black AMEX dog name tag. Fundraiser by Rhonda & Terry Holloway : Hit & Run: Injured Dog Needs Your Help



Those are fabulous decorations for not-having-the-energy, I look forward to seeing next years!

Amex is frickin’ adorable and you rock for taking care of the sweet pup.


Looks great

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I also love Halloween and also didn’t decorate much for similar reasons. I was worn out from multiple animal/human emergencies and didn’t want to spend a ton on decorations (my boring neighborhood doesn’t celebrate Halloween at all anyway). It’s funny that I also turned to lasers, and cardboard bats. Perhaps next year I’ll make some to go in my trees.


Love that bat garland!!


Love them!!