Some birthday things

Cake topper

It’s 3D

She asked for some birds.


Love it! Nice job.

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Super nice inlay on that acrylic bird (or is it painted wood?).

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Actually it is teal PG acrylic, engraved, spray painted black, then masking removed. Colors are paint pen directly on the teal acrylic.

It’s not as pretty close up, but I didn’t want to wait for HD engrave. SD took almost 45min as it was.


I love the little birdy, and it would be a prime candidate for the cut out and layer technique :heart_eyes_cat:

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The cake topper is so cute! Every princess needs a castle.

Looks like an adorable party! I wish I had had a GF when my kids were a bit younger… I could have done some serious damage on those little kid parties.