Some Bowls

Not yet made but figured I would contribute

So I have seen some scroll saw bowls and figured I would take a dabble and share what I learned. (I by no means actually know what I’m doing)

so what I did is a setup a new sketch
created some parameters (going to see if I can get parametric to work)

so I setup
bowl base dia
material thickness (I want the ribs to be the same as the thickness)
degree - this divides 360degree into how many waves I want you need to use a even number or the patter wont connect

so I create the center circle and constrain it to dia then I add a whole bunch of other circles and constrain them from thickness from the previous ring
I then created the quantity of lines that I set in wave count.
I then constrain those to from center and to wavecount this splits them all to the degrees
I then use spline and connect the dots

not sure if the parameters will work yet

I still have more dots to connect. in this case its a 12 inch bowl (glow max size)

I will also add spots for jointing (mainly so that in fusion I can render it)

this is a early draft that I had the holes and posts so I could joint it it was also only like 3 inchs

something I know I will have a problem is that if I change wave count to say 28 then in the sketch I will have 30 lines so I will have to delete two … not a big deal I just don’t know if the spline will be dynamic or not

going to also try to make nesting bowls

this is a project I will share svg for


What a beautiful design! Thanks for walking us through the process. Not sure I understood it all but it will give me something to study. What software did you use?


Beautiful project! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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fusion 360

and apparently spline may not be the right thing as I add more it is starting to freeze, odd thing is its only using 12% cpu (this is only 12% is 1/8th of my threads) so it would seem to be fusion is only running single thread for some reason @garin_gardiner


ya its starting to take abut 40 min per spline now to draw / unfreeze

Wow. Very sweet. I think I want to try doing something like this in openscad.

I’ve learned, the hard way, to make my F360 drawings as simple as possible, it seems to want to freeze at the least provocation.

ya so I got para working to make smaller bowls ! found a problem one of the tiers had the wrong constraint so I had to delete and re do

see how when I changed the center size how the row got skipped


width=“648” height=“500”>next up to add 1/4 inch lines between 4 of the spokes these to be used to find center point to place the guide holes… however there are so many constraints in this that even adding one line is really killing fusion… so I may not get this simple task completed tonight.

in the real world I don’t know if they are really needed… you can just eyeball glue them together. holes with toothpick is kind of unsightly. but In fusion I know no other way to give me a place to do a joint. once I have the joint I then maybe create a glue up gig

trying to get you guys a file before I go to bed however when exported as DXF and imported as svg its just a circle
<img src="//"


Besides the SVG could you put it in the Fusion 360 library so we can see it in its natural habitat?

[quote=“markevans36301, post:10, topic:2477, full:true”]
Besides the SVG could you put it in the Fusion 360 library so we can see it in its natural habitat?

not sure how to do that

so much for a quick svg before bed I ended up running it via the cam post process

this does not have alignment holes and also is not the full nesting but its bed time


I’m a dope and missed the outer circle when I did the cam operations, but I already closed fusion and I don’t want to deal with the pain it is to upload a svg again (hoping that gets fixed)

I had to do some studying on this…

Right click on your file from data panel and pick “share link” .

Cool design!

Did you try the “Offset” tool, by chance? I think that tool may be a lifesaver when it comes to making a drawing like that. I don’t use Fusion 360 very much, but I’ll load it up and see if it works the way I think it will. I’ll be back in a few…

I’ll tag @garin_gardiner here just in case it’s a problem that might be of interest to his team. :slight_smile:

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Alrighty, I did a little experimenting and it turns out that the offset tool isn’t going to produce the same geometry so actually isn’t the lifesaver I was thinking.

I did come up with a strategy that I think may be helpful. I recorded a video and it’s currently uploading to YouTube. The content of the video is pretty dry, but hopefully the time spent watching it will save you time overall. :slight_smile:

Here’s the video…


It is so weird how different people pick up on different things! For someone who claims to not to know Fusion very well, you sure taught me some valuable things.

I did know that offset was not going to work but glad you played around and made the video as I had no idea you could link multiple dimentions the way you did!

Some of the things that gave you trouble were weird as they don’t do that to me. Like the dialog box that needed scrolling and trying to place the splines precisely. If fusion ever gives me trouble placing a point I always just scroll in until it gives up and lets me place the point where I want it.

thanx again.

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Thanks, that’s really good to hear; you’re welcome!

There seems to be a LOT of similarities between Fusion 360 and SolidWorks so I guess once you get a pretty good handle on one you can probably kludge your way through the other.

Yeah, you can link them and also add mathematical operators to them as well, or even combine a few dimensions together (eg. “d2 + (2 * d3)”). Very handy indeed!

I did a few trial runs before getting that video recorded and I think the snap points worked OK the other times… silly computers. :confused:

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I don’t know what that is

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That was very helpful it also addresses the issue I thought I may have with changing the quantity

I didn’t really specific sizes to much because its all parameters so its dynamic

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