Some Christmas fun

Rock Jumping photo frame

I egraved a 9 inch square photo of parents jumping off a rock and made it into a photo frame for pictures of the child and grandparents. Glowforge does not play nice with large engravings. I had to split the photo into 4 parts and run it as 5 projects… one for each quarter of the photo plus one for the cuts. I’m happy with the final results but there are artifacts from the workaround.


Come on Glowforge! Bugs in your forum software too? I’m not a new user. Stop restricting my ability to post. Keep making it hard to post and I won’t post. Be smart. Allow your community to grow.
</end rant>

Anyway, here is the second half of my post…

Sign and coaster

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Star Wars Ornaments
I took a stack of C4 Labs Christmas Ornaments for the kids (and some adults.) They were a big hit.


Ugh! Third time is a charm.

Tile… etched then dabbed with paint and washed off.


So special. I really love this. I agree about large engraves being rejected for project size. Your one step ahead of me. I haven’t figured out the breaking it into multiple engraves part yet.

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The forum runs using @Discourse software; it’s not a Glowforge product.

Did you join the forum before buying the Glowforge? If so even with the same name they might not crossreference and not know you bought it.

No, I bought the glowforge first. Even if I hadn’t, there should be a way to change the ownership status … especially if lack of it limits posting capabilities.

It’s the official Glowforge forum. They are ultimately responsible for it. I opened a thread on the support forum. No response yet.

Your picture frame is awesome! Brilliant idea … Nice photos, too!