Some class A geekery right here

Most impressive.


@evansd2: Gonna be diving into Bitcoin mining next? :sunglasses:

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Naaah crypto currencies seem like a bonkers fad to me. I’m in it for the cool cluster build though.

That being said I have a single raspberry pi and I can’t think of a real need for it. I built an arcade around it and made a joystick controller pre-GF, I suppose I could make s mini arcade machine, but the holidays are approaching so I may need to focus on gifts.

My point is what the heck would I do with something like this? :slight_smile:

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@evansd2: Supercomputers for the lumpenproletariat! You are right about Bitcoin mining. But maybe we all need a capable deep learning computer in our house so that what Alexa and Hey Google do for us today never has to leave the building? That’s my dream anyway. :sunglasses:


SO does that thing run windows 9 or Mac OS lion? Never mind…

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