Some creepy crawly bamboo inspiration


I know a few people will get some ideas from this.

Enjoy!! :beetle:


Oh wow, those are beautiful! And yes, it does give me some ideas. One of my friends is really, really into insects so this certainly gives me some ideas for a birthday present for her! :smile:


Wow that is insane.
Nice find


I can see it now…I make one of those beetles in walnut, leave it on the table…hubs comes home and smashes the #$%^& out of it. :smile:


Those are just astonishing. They’re so good that several of them give me the heebie jeebies.

(I’m a brave little toaster, but not when it comes to insects that can both jump and fly, i.e. mantids, grasshoppers, and crickets. YUCK.)


When I see such detailed art made by Japanese artists, I keep thinking about the intensity of observation and the dedication to minutiae that just are missing in my life. I took a walk in a field last week and I knew so little about what the many weeds and plants and flowers were, much less all the insects. How few butterflies can I name. This is so inspring.


Happy cake day!


Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Can’t begin to think of a suitable comment. The photos just make my brain hurt with admiration.



Happy Glowy Cake-day @marmak3261!!