Some features I would love to see!

A basic coordinate system not scales… a machine home or zero or something similar. And some functionality as follows:

The ability to make a 3 inch by 3 inch square with an 8mm(.3150) hole dead center or on a location from a set zero. I would like to add .25 radi to the corners of the square. A 30mm diameter circle- or a hole pattern with 30mm spacing. (Your text here) on a 3 inch radius. Inside and outside radi on an arbitrary shape… Etc….

These are very common features in industry. And would vastly expand the capabilities of this machine.
I would love the ability to draw conversationally. Please look up what conversational programming is! It would be extremely easy to add to your existing premium service! Which I have but won’t keep unless I see something like this. The ability to draw a line in or line out - a square, arbitrary, or circle shape… basically telling it to hold the dimension to the inside or outside of shape… And let it figure where it wants to ramp in and out, and give the user a little more control. Please let me know if this is something you have any interest in at all. I can help if need be. I do not want to be forced into adobe illustrator or inkscape graphical software- it’s not optimized to do these things in my experience and I’ve spent weeks learning it.

Good suggestions, but I recommend Fusion 360.


This exists already if I’m understanding you correctly. Click the little ruler icon in the lower left.


I have fusion 360, and am okayish with it. What I’m suggesting would exponentially expand the glowforge for myself, and I’m sure many many others. Think situations you need to rapidly prototype. Thank you for your suggestion! any laser specific fusion tutorials you’d recomend?

The ruler is ok, but not what Im talking about. A home position of x0y0 and the ability to set work piece coordinates at a precise position instead of lining an image up with a scale as a guide. This could open doors to advanced fixturing as well as repeatability. Thanks for your reply!

I use the x, y placement of the measurement/placement tool with great success for orienting the artwork at a precise place on the bed.

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That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

I’m going to move this thread so the discussion can continue.

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This is a duplicate thread:

I didn’t mean the ruler scales, I meant the coordinates that pop up when you click the ruler icon. Unless your head gets bumped 0,0 is always the exact same spot. You could mark it on your crumb tray.

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