Some items back in stock

Draftboard and lens are back in stock at least for now…


Bummer, just checked and no draftboard. That was a fast sell out!


Just snagged the 10 sheets of Basswood I need!


try blick

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I snagged some Basswood and some thick acrylic. :+1:


I am so glad that i read your message because . When the items are back in stock you will get a email .but they didn’t say when and of course i did not get a e mail

I got an email, maybe check your spam or promotions folder.

Just one thing…you do have to sign up for individual products on the Shop site, they only notify you when a specific item is in that you have signed up for.

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Thanks, is it the 1/8 inch hardboard? Is it pretty similar to medium draftboard when cutting?

I wasn’t being specific they just have a large variety of products.

Gotcha! Thanks!

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