Some Like it Hot: 8/7/17 Latest Improvements



Awesome, thanks!


72 still to low. Nice try.


Fantastic! We in the tropical climes salute you! :grinning:


Nice! Thank you for the continued improvements!


Yeah! Thank you :slight_smile:


the mystery faults thing is huge, and i’m super gratified to see you guys working on it; hopefully this will spread to more error codes.


Nice! Love the updates!


Nice update Rita!


Thanks for doing this and sharing it!

Again, I don’t know why something like this is in Problems and Support. I can’t speak for everybody but I think people come here with questions or to help others with their questions. If we want to see the latest improvements we go to the latest-improvements page or the Announcements section.

Also, I believe the latest-improvements page should cease to exist and become part of this forum or be absorbed into the Announcements section. Not sure why there’s some random, hidden section of the site with these improvements.


yeah, agree this should be in announcements. i thought i’d play with fire and move the thread but obviously can’t due to posting privileges. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


You rebel you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for the update Rita! That’s good news!


I think that part was just the sales pitch. There have been quite a few on the forum that seem to do just fine in the higher 70s. Though for a lot of us even 78 would still be low.


It is rather subjective too depending on the humidity level :slight_smile:
Plus the air conditioning in places seem to all be different. If I turned it down to 72 in this house people would freeze. :smiley:


I am now doing fine up to 81F for multi-hour jobs since they pushed out the temp management update.


Folks have asked for notification in the UI when new features are added. We haven’t done that yet, but the reason it’s on the “site” rather than the “forum” is it will make that much easier than if it were in the forum.

This is very helpful feedback, thanks!