Some more materials from Burlane


I’m really interested in their wood laminate they say is great for laser cutting. Not sure if it’s strong enough to do all projects, but for small things it may cut easier than plywood.


Nice. There’s also a chance in the thinner version that it may be more stable than ply.

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Yes, I need to get some and try it out. I’m lucky, they have a warehouse 15 mins away from me…
Now that they’ve been aquired by Rowmark, theres alot more items available like the wood lam and the color hues. I’m going to save alot on shipping for most of my supplies now. :grinning:


I sent them an email this morning and they have already replied. They are going to send me some samples to try. I will keep you all posted when they come.


Do they sell direct or are they only wholesale distributors?

I think you mentioned it in another post, but I can’t locate it ( or where I had written it down), but where do you usually get your acrylic from?

I’ve been getting it from but now that I buy more, we have Royal Plastics locally and I need to talk to them. Estreet has good prices but the shipping is expensive.


Check to see if you have a TAP Plastics locally. They’re pretty big and have outlets all over.


Looks like they are only in the San Francisco CA area ( and 1 or 2 in OR and WA). None in Arizona :frowning: After my last roadtrip to CA (the other week) not in a hurry to go back yet…

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Thanks for the link! My sample pack arrived today.

It’s a really nice selection and I really like semi opaque colors. I placed the lot on a strip LED and they have a really nice effect.