Some New Threads Not Showing in "New" section


So the way I use these forums to make sure I’m up to date is I look for new threads under the “new” section (e.g. “New (4)” ) and then i open those in new tabs and then read them. Problem is I just realized there have been a ton of threads I’ve missed because they haven’t shown up in the “new” section. Sometimes it will say there will be less new threads than the number says (e.g. It’ll say there are 5 new threads and when I click there are only 2)

Any ideas?


Only that I’ve noticed it too. (I keep stumbling over threads that I haven’t seen, and when I first joined months ago, I went through and read all of the threads that had accumulated up until that point. I thought.)


Good to know I’m not the only one ha-ha. Did the two new betas show up in your “new” section? Those two didn’t show up for me.


Well, those i just happened to catch under the Latest heading, so I’m not sure.


Haha, okay. We’ll its good to know im not the only one suffering. :wink: I just worry that I’ll miss some big update haha.


You may want to check your preferences; there is one for how you want to handle new posts, I have it set to say they are new if I haven’t read them yet, but don’t think that was the default.


That might have done it. :smiley:


I think the default is last week but if you change it you will be able to see all of them.


youre a life saver!!! Thank you!


I was noticing that too…I wonder if somehow preferences got set back to default or something…


Back in April? maybe? I found that most really old threads didn’t show up any more despite being unread and being set as haven’t viewed them yet.


Oh my gosh, thank you! I knew I was missing loads but I didn’t know I could change it.


WHOA! And just like that there’s 30 more threads I didn’t know about. Thanks for asking! And thanks to the rest in this thread for sharing!


And it looks like most of them have been BETA user projects—That’s the stuff I really want to see!


Yeah, me too. Maybe @dan can clarify, but my guess is that Beta projects are posted to a “Beta Users” category that we can’t see for approval and then once they are approved they are moved to a category we can all see. Since when they are first posted we can’t see them, we don’t get notifications. :slight_smile:


I changed the setting @ernesto.a.ramirezr mentioned awhile back. I’ve been at 60ish “New” topics for awhile now. I should really catch up. :confused:

…I’m at an obscene amount of unread… I need people to stop posting so I can catch up.


yes - Dan mentioned in an earlier post that there is a “beta-users-only” thread and sometimes they will move threads over to the general area. ( Sometimes you may notice a “new” beta project shows the thread is several days old, only we just saw it…
From Topic :Beta Project: Hardwood experiments


Thanks… now I got another 15 to work through :smile:


I guess it took time to think… read a few new topics…next thing I see…65 new…I guess I need try to work off 10 a day…:slight_smile: lots of good stuff that went by unnoticed. …


The first part of this is exactly correct - I don’t know if that means there’s no notifications triggered, though?