Some recent creations from Reformation Wood

I haven’t shared anything for a bit. Everything has been rather hectic lately. Business has dropped off since people are mostly just buying essentials, but here are a few things I’ve made recently.


Like the Nashville Strong one especially.

Thanks! I made it after the tornadoes on the 3rd. Part of our “Strong” series. We donate 25% of those sales to local first responders.


I keep thinking about all the regular disasters that hit people at this time that are compounded by the pandemic. Praying for Nashville and its people. You have been a special grace to all in the world with your music and cultural gifts!


Thank you. The community spirit is strong around here. And love for neighbor.

I was thinking about the things that are likely better. People are probably getting fewer cases of colds & flu and even food borne illnesses with less exposure and the increased hand washing going on. Also lots more potentially meaningful human interaction with family & neighbors vs the fly-by activity that tended to be the norm with our more mobile & shallow culture before lockdowns started.

Some great projects! Love the Nashville sign.

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