Some stuff I've done

I haven’t posted a ton–I suffer from impostor syndrome, where I think I am still faking it with making stuff–but I finally decided I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been working on. These are some of the gifts I made for people last Christmas.

This was for my in-laws. My FIL is an inveterate DIYer, and if you read the quote at the bottom, it is something he has told us for years. Ackenpucky is his word for any and all varieties of plaster, drywall mud, spackle, caulking, and/or asphalt and concrete/mortar.

This was for my dad, whose undergraduate degree, way back when he was working on liquid rocket propellants at Cape Canaveral, was in chemistry.

These were little journals/activity books for the grandkids/niece. I bound them with about 100 pages, and some pages were printed with pictures they could color or activities they could do. I personalized them for the individuals, so that the 5-yr-old could color and practice her letters, while the 9-yr-old could do word puzzles and the like. The covers were also personalized, with things that they like. Some pages were blank, so they could just draw pictures or write.

Anyway, I hope you like. Since Christmas, I have actually learned a lot more about using Illustrator, and made more complex things–I just don’t have those pictures available. (they’re on my wife’s phone, heh heh.)


Love the notebooks. All great projects!


Get over it. You definitely don’t qualify as an imposter. Nice work.


Thank you. They have been really satisfying to make. I’ve made a bunch of stuff for craft shows and festivals (my favorites are the Scottish/Celtic festivals), and the notebooks are always good sellers.


Very cool! I really like those elemental letters. :grinning:

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Please keep sharing your projects. These are great.

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Those turned out very nice. It helps if your name can be spelled with the elements. I looked at doing it for my FIL that way, too, because he is a retired pharmacist, and he would have appreciated it as much as my father. But alas, his name did not lend itself to finding elements that I could use.

Nice projects! I like this site: since it allows you to use any name. (It “creates” elements where needed for any letter combination.


An imposter imposter! The nerve!

Just kidding! You’ve got some great stuff. I’m glad you decided to share it and hope you’ll continue to do so.


Glad you posted! Some great work!

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