Some tinkering I did

Since I got my Glowforge, I did some tinkering only, due to a lot of stuff I did have to do at work. So here are some of the things I tried out like:

the obligatory escutcheon

handwritten and traced letter ( the thinnest part of the “H” is less than 1 mm thick)

I also tried my hand on engraving pebbles (almost melted one)

Oh yeah and I did a new sign for my flat/ apartment

and on Sunday I produced a lot of D’s when trying out settings for my poplar plywood


Awesome! I really like that pattern in the escutcheon. (You must have been picking the bits up for a week!) :smile:


Actually, I used duct tape and removed it in one go :smile:



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All looks great. I agree, interesting flame pattern.

As to that thin leather, I have found it to be the most forgiving medium so far.
Plastic slags when too thin and wood wants to crumble and turn to ash when made ultra slim.
Leather just takes it in stride, even the 4 oz 0.080 stuff I use a lot.


Thank you for the tip, I have to try leather so far only did plywood and some paper tests. Oh, I have to do something on cardstock this weekend too. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Did you say handwritten? That’s fantastic! I’m excited to see what’s up next.

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We love escutcheons! Nice.