Some vectors didn't cut

So I was cutting my tabbed boxes, and some of the vectors didn’t get cut.

You can see in the screen shot that there are a total of three rectangles (one in between “Heavy Rain” and “Pond Too High” and the other two to the right of “Pond Too Low”.

Any reason why most of these would have cut except these three? I didn’t interrupt the job or do anything differently with those than all the others.

Did you wait until all the shapes went “active” in the UI before you hit print?

I find that if I’m moving a little too quickly, I can sometimes hit print before all the shapes light up. The ones that are still grey when you hit the button in the UI won’t get cut/engraved/scored.


Possible. I don’t remember.

I’ll second @evansd2, the only time I’ve had that happen was I didn’t wait for all of the shapes to “turn red” in the UI before printing. I’ll see if I can get a pic of what I mean.

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Huh, I bet that’s what happened to me. Last month I was engraving the back of some ornaments (some of @Jules ginger pets) with “Christmas 2017” and one of them came out as “Christ 2017.”

Now I know why. :slight_smile:


Indeed - make sure the file has loaded before hitting print.