Somebody help please. My glowforge is not cutting through

So it’s has been almost a month and I have been posting about my glowforge not cutting . Can someone tell the support team to please respond to my email so they can get my glowforge to work? I just paid a lot of money for that. TIA

They respond to email in one business day, but you receive an immediate confirmation with a ticket number.

If you’re not seeing that, check your spam folders.

You can also post in Problems and Support, that also opens a ticket. They don’t monitor this forum. This is all covered in the Support section of the site, above.

Hi @esthertst, welcome! I don’t remember seeing any posts from you about not cutting through (or actually anything, for that matter); did you post them here on the forums, or somewhere else? This is the only official Glowforge forum, so posting anywhere else won’t do any good. Also if you post in Problems and Support, as @eflyguy said, you open an official support ticket and actual Glowforge Support staff will see it and help you out.


Here’s the official troubleshooting guide on “not cutting through,” @esthertst.


Has it always had this problem? Something I experienced after cleaning a lens was problem cutting & really poor etching–turns out i had put the lens back in upside down… (I had 2 years under my belt and still did something this silly…).

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Hi I posted it on the support page.

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