Something amazing happened today!


As I watched the UPS guy, I was amazed. He got the hand truck out and carefully pulled the large box out of the truck. I observed something incredible as he wheeled it up to the front door.

It had All. Four. Handles!

The box looked good, no damage. And the unit was in perfect shape!

Looking forward to finally getting started!

And then suddenly, without warning, there it was!

Now you can start singing “Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno …” :heavy_heart_exclamation:



You were really calm and patient about the damaged unit, so I’m glad to see that this one arrived safely. Hope you get it set up quickly and easily. Congrats and enjoy.




Wow, all four handles!

My first unit only had two handle, which I thought sounds about like what most people were reporting. My second (replacement) unit had three of the four handles, which I thought was really good.

Happy lasering!


SHOW OFF! :slight_smile:



Forget about all 4 handles, is that the ever elusive RED power cord?


Wait a second…


Yay!! :tada::tada::tada:


One of my favorite episodes!


The legends are true!


Wow, congrats!


Hmm I smell a fake. I reckon he bought the power cord, put it in there and then took the pic… Either that or I am going to be so upset if my GF doesn’t have one.


I was gonna be really disappointed if I was the only one that noticed the red cord. LOL! So good!


ITS A RED POWER CHORD!!! hmmmm now does this mean you get an all expense paid trip to HQ and the factory?


Personally, I would call UPS and commend that driver, considering the condition of that box compared to every other one we have seen. Nothing like a meeting where an individual is highlighted for outstanding performance - and shame the others who kick their load around in the truck.


So the unicorn tears may be true too!?


Red Power cord spreadsheet time?


Does Amazon replacements count?


I’m jealous, mine only had one handle left. :frowning: