Something else to do for holiday lights this year

I like to do entertaining outdoor lights for the holidays when my family visits. One year I did a random based synapse network design. Some years is just the coveted "Drunkin’ Xmas Tree Lot’ design where we hang as many light strings as possible in no apparent design with a nice border around the yard. This year my spouse had one stipulation - no ladders (well I could use a 4 ft step ladder but no extensions). We all want to avoid a trip to the ER this covid season! So my girls and I printed a jig on the glowforge to make stars made of light strings. To further demonstrate the usefulness of GF, I redesigned the jig from the front yard on my laptop (parked on top of the garbage can). Then we hung a bunch up with different colors - still have 2 more to go. Anyway, without the ability to print and quickly revise the jigs, this wasn’t going to happen. And so far no injuries! Hopefully injury free holidays for you all!



That is a great idea! The possibilities are endless!


Nice design, and please do stay out of the ER this year and every year.

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What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!